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ĆEVAPI (CHE:VA:PI) is a 500-year-old grilled minced meat dish traditionally found in Southeastern Europe.

Cevapi is considered a national delicacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia - a delicious and unforgettable Balkan treasure. ĆEVAPI are simple handmade finger-sized minced meat sausages, made from the highest-quality ingredients. The secret to good ćevapi lies in the texture and quality of the ground meat and spices. Bosnian ćevapi are made from two cuts of hand-formed minced beef, while Serbian ćevapčići are made from beef, lamb, and pork or a combination thereof. The proper ĆEVAPI experience requires onion, flatbread (lepinja), and kajmak to be complete. The world’s most famous ćevapčići are found in the city of Sarajevo. Delicious Cevapi delivered straight to your door - order now!