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Todoric Frozen Sausage with Beef, Pork, Lamb / Cevapi sa Svinjetinom (Vac Pack) 2lbs/907g (Todoric)


Cevapi (pronounced "che-va-pi") is a 500 year-old grilled minced meat dish traditionally found in Southeastern Europe. It is considered a national delicacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia - a delicious and unforgettable Balkan treasure. Grilled cevapi is like the "hamburger" of the Balkans. 

Cevapi are simple handmade finger-sized minced meat sausages, made from the highest-quality ingredients. The secret to good cevapi lies in the texture and quality of the ground meat and spices. Bosnian cevapi are made from two cuts of hand-formed minced beef, while Serbian cevapcici are made from beef, lamb and pork or a combination thereof.

The proper cevapi experience requires onion, flatbread (lepinja) and kajmak to be complete. The world’s most famous cevapi are found in the city of Sarajevo.

Brother and Sister Serb style Todoric cevapi is flash frozen and made from beef, pork and lamb. The mix of different meats and spices results in extra rich and very flavorful link sausages.

Packaged in vacuum packs, price per package. Keep frozen.