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About Us

We founded MezeHub in 2019 to share our passion for connecting with others through experiencing unique and delicious international food and cuisines. No matter what your cultural background is, eating is something we all have in common with one another.

Through sharing and trying new and interesting food together, we gain insight into the heritage and cultural differences of others, ultimately making us more understanding of other cultures and bringing us closer together.

Our mission is to make it easy to experience different cuisines by bringing them right to your door for free. Come experience fine chocolates, old-world style dry-cured meats, imported and domestic dairy products, fish, pickled vegetables, seasonings, juices, mineral waters, cookies, wafers and biscuits.

We specialize in fine foods from the Balkans, Central Europe and the Mediterranean. We carry food and beverage products from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey and Greece. 

Don’t know where to start? Check out our recommendations for items we think all Americans will love.


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