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SUDZUKICE (Beef Sausage Sandwich)


Sudzukice: Grilled Skinless Beef Sausage.

Sudzukice are a traditional skinless beef sausage specialty of the Balkans and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Similar to cevapi, small in size but big in flavor, their popularity has spread to the New World!

The recipe uses select cuts of beef and veal, in addition to a special blend of spices and seasonings.  Enjoy these sausages any time of day as a "meze" appetizer on their own or ajvar or kaymak.

Ingredients: beef, veal, salt, bread crumbs, black pepper, onion, garlic, proprietary mix.

Served in our Fresh Baked Somun. Includes Side Sesame-Cabbage Salad, Kajmak, and Ajvar (Mild or Hot).