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Stobi Flips With Peanuts 40g (Vitaminka)

If you love peanuts and you love puffed snacks, you are in for a wonderful treat with Vitaminka Stobi Flips! Made with a delicate blend of corn grits, peanuts, salt, spices and sunflower oil, Stobi Flips are gluten free and contain no trans-fats. Stobi Flips are a delicious and nutritious alternative to chips and processed salty snacks. Made with high quality roasted peanuts and rich in Vitamin B, these crunchy, peanuty puffs are treats you can also feel good about giving to your children. Sister snacks to Stark Smoki Puffed Snacks, Israeli Bamba, French Curly Peanut and German Erdnussflips, Stobi Flips are addictively delicious at any time of the day. Also available in Kids, Family and Jumbo-sized bags.