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Chocolate Banana / Krem Banana 25g (Stark)

There is a part of our childhood that never fades. Sweet memories of youth are often reawakened when we eat our favorite foods. In 1938 we created Stark Bananica, the original banana shaped confection that became so popular, other confectioners started making them, too! If you grew up in one of the former Yugoslavian Republics, Stark Bananica could still be of your favorite treat! Now available in the US, this delicious confection features a foamy delicate banana-flavored center, coated in a thin layer of semisweet chocolate. While the shape of Bananica hasn't changed since we first created it, we added the innovation of agar-agar to our recipe to give the banana filling its wonderfully unique texture. Derived from micronutrient-rich red algae, agar-agar is a super healthful, vegetarian gelling agent. Once you experience the contrast between the thin layer of semisweet chocolate and the slight tang of the banana-filled center, Stark Bananica may become an all-time classic-treat of yours, too! Store in a cool, dry place.