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Artisan Cheese Pairing Spread - PEAR and WALNUTS 135g (DUNST MASTERS)

$2.99 $4.99

Dunst Majstori (Dunst Masters) is a new female-owned and operated company formed by fusing a rich family heritage with ten years of agricultural experience and the preparation of dishes made using old-world family recipes. The company's approach is to create healthy products that maintain the original flavors and colors of their quality ingredients through a special blend of traditional recipes and innovative methods.

Dunst Majstori's quality red pepper spread (Ajvar) and tomato juice have already been recognized in America where they are sold by American food chains such as Kroger, Meijer, Zigerman I Fresh Thyme. We are excited to offer our Artisan Cheese Pairing Spread with Pear and Walnuts to American customers and hope they taste the quality in every bite.