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Napolitanke LEMON-ORANGE Wafers 327g (Kras)


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Since 1911, generations of families in Southeastern Europe have come to equate Kras Napolitanke Wafers with sweetness and joy. Each Chocolate Cream Napolitanke Wafer has 5 layers of premium Kras milk chocolate cream filling nestled between 4 crispy vanilla wafers. Delicious with coffee, tea or milk, these delicate wafer cookies are lovely, light after-school and after-meal treats. Sweet, but not too sweet, our Orange Napolitanke Wafers are particularly wonderful with ice cream. Once you experience the delicate crunch and milk chocolatey goodness in these wafers, you could fall in love at first bite! At Kras, our expert bakers and master chocolatiers have been creating confections with traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients since 1911. Kras Napolitanke Wafers are one of our most classic offerings. They are available with hazelnut, mocha, chocolate-cream and rum cream-flavored fillings. Store in a cool, dry place.

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