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Mini Tasting Bottle Bundle 187ml (Blatina, Plavac Mali, Stone Cuvee, Vranac) (Wines of Illyria)


This is a special bundle of mini 187 ml tasting bottles from Wines of Illyria, including Blatina, Plavac Mali, Stone Cuvee and Vranac. More information on each wine is below as well as our delivery restrictions. 


Blatina Premium Dry Red Wine

This wine is made of 100% Blatina, an indigenous grape of the Herzegovina region. It is similar to Malbec or full-bodied, warm climate Pinot Noir. Blatina is a dry red wine exhibiting a glowing ruby red color with garnet reflections. It opens gradually on the nose with soft aromas of black currant and elderberry and a hint of licorice. The palate reveals full, fresh notes of red and black currant, traces of dried figs, roasted almonds, ripe plums, and chocolate with an undertone of minerality and a savory dash of salt. Delicious freshness highlights the well-integrated acidity.

A perfect wine with any meal or as a cocktail wine. VEGAN, ABV 13%.

Note: Premium (Vrhunsko) Quality Red Wines of Illyria - Blatina, Vranac and Plavac Mali - are made using secondary fermentation of young wine for about 15 days, then maturing in 2000-liter oak barrels for 1.5 to 2 years. These and vintage wines are made only in years when the climate is ideal for producing premium wines. The most recent vintages are: 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016.


Plavac Mali Premium Dry Red Wine

This Plavac Mali is the Original Zinfandel - a native variety from Ancient Illyria Premium (Vrhunsko) Quality Dry Red Wine and is similar to San Genovese from Tuscany. This indigenous grape of Dalmatia thrives in Herzegovina and produces a dark red wine with blue reflections, rendering a purple color reminiscent of the royal robes of ancient Rome.

The nose is pronounced, lasting and very complex. It reveals aromas of plums, figs and almonds, Mediterranean herbs and spices. Aged in large Bosnian oak barrels for two years, aromas are further infused with vanilla scents. This wine exhibits softness, drinkability and complexity, and pairs well with red meats and spicy dishes. VEGAN, ABV 14%


Stone Cuvee Premium Dry White Wine

This 2019 Stone Cuvee is made by the Citluk Winery and is made of 90% Zilavka and 10% Bena indigenous grapes from the sun-washed Herzegovina region. Similar to Chilean or South African Sauvignon Blanc, Italian Soave or a mix of Verdicchio and Vermentino. Light yellowish green color and crystal clear. Clean and refreshing, expressing elegance and flavors of green apples, lychee and honey, scents of chamomile and verbena with a slight mineral and nutty tone. The ripe, warm flavors of apricot, star fruit and a hint of anise are coddled by juicy acidity, fine minerality and a long herbal-toned finish.

Best paired with light white meat dishes and seafood. Try it with chicken marsala, chicken pakora or pork or with any fried food like soft shell crab, chicken tenders, fries or sloppy joes, served with honey mustard. VEGAN, ABV 13%

Note: The grapes for white wines must be “technologically ripe” or “overripe.” Pressed grapes are held at 46 degrees Fahrenheit for 12-20 hours and subsequently allowed to ferment at 59 degrees Fahrenheit. These wines mature for three more months in bottles before entering the market in May. 


Vranac Premium Dry Red Wine 

This small tasting bottle of 2017 vranac premium dry red wine from Wines of Illyria is produced from the native vranac grape varietal in the ancient Illyria region. This full-bodied dry red is made of 100% Vranac, a kingpin grape of Southeastern Europe and closely related to Zinfandel and Primitivo. This is a very seductive wine with fresh acidity and discreet fruitiness; light scents of violet and a hint of wisteria on the nose. The palate offers soft currant and elderberry flavors with an undertone of rose hip. An elegant wine with nice minerality and additional notes of plum, blackberry and a pinch of saltiness. Fresh, balanced and pleasant for everyday drinking. Vegan. ABV 13%.  



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