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Manner Chocolate Tartlet Wafers 75g (Manner)

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Since 2006, the round Manner tartlets belong to the most popular wafers of Viennese company Manner. Manner chocolate caramel tartlets contain three layers of crunchy waffles with two layers of chocolate caramel cream filling in between. The round shape also gave the name: Törtchen. But not only the tender, round waffles and the large Caramelanteil in the cream filling but also the decent chocolate taste, which is achieved thanks to the own roasting of the cocoa beans, make the Manner chocolate caramel tartlets to the outstanding pleasure.

Chocolate Caramel Tartlets Manner Vienna

And sustainable information yet. Because the Manner chocolate caramel tartlets have a round shape and will cut out of a large, rectangular waffle surface, this also creates some remnants. These residues are later re-processed in the cream.

We are pleased to announce, that we deliver Austrian Manner chocolate caramel tartlets to USA, UK (Great Britain), Canada, Australia, China, Japan - and worldwide.

The founder of Manner company, Josef Manner, ran a small shop in Vienna near St. Stephen's Cathedral, where he sold chocolates and coffee. But he was not satisfied with the quality and founded his own chocolate factory "Josef Manner" in 1890. The famous St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna was chosen as a company logo and remains today on all Manner wafers and gingerbread as a landmark of the Manner company.

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