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Petit Beurre Tea Biscuits Blok 960g (Kras)

If there is one cookie most associated with the heritage and craftsmanship at Kras, it is our Petit Beurre biscuits. Introduced at our founding in 1911, our expert bakers created Petit Beurres with babies, kids and adults in mind. Crispy in texture and easy to digest, these delicious biscuits are made with wholesome, high quality ingredients. Sweet, but not too sweet, Kras Petit Beurres are a harmonious blend of natural wheat flour, honey, milk with a touch of vanilla flavoring. These cookies are perfect for afternoon tea and lovely after-meal snacks. Children love our Petit Beurres crumbled in milk or as a fruit puree or yogurt topping. Crushed, they make a wonderful crust for a no-bake pies including cheesecake. Generations of families in Southeastern Europe have grown up with Kras Petit Beurres. Store in a cool, dry place.
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