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Bajadera Chocolate / Bombonjera 500g (Kras)


Since 1911, our master chocolatiers at Kras have been bringing sweetness and joy into the lives of candy lovers of all ages. We first introduced Bajadera, our signature chocolate, in 1911. Each Bajadera features three layers of the finest praline and nougat with finely ground, hand-picked almonds and hazelnuts in dark and lighter layers of chocolate. These rectangular treasures are individually wrapped in beautifully designed foils. One taste of these sumptuous and indulgent treats and you will understand why generations of chocolate lovers in Southeastern Europe equate Kras with superior taste, quality, craftsmanship and tradition. Perfect for entertaining, gift-giving and for satisfying any chocolate craving, Kras Bajadera are as elegant as they are delicious. Store in a cool, dry place.