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Animal Kingdom Chocolates 5+1 Gratis / Zivotinjsko Carstvo Cokoladice (Kras)

Each colorful package of Animal Kingdom Chocolates contains one animal sticker and one thin piece of creamy, milk chocolate - the perfect portion size for little tummies. Each sticker has a vivid photo of a different animal in nature, to spark your child's curiosity. Like baseball cards, kids can collect the stickers in a binder or use them to adorn their notebooks and drawings. For more than 80 years, Kras Animal Kingdom Chocolates has been exciting the imagination of young ones, while treating them to just the amount of chocolate indulgence parents can feel good about. With 6 different Wild Animal Chocolates, these treats will create sweet moments of discovery and joy for your kids! They are also perfect birthday party treats and stocking stuffers. As the leading seller of fine chocolate in Southeastern Europe, Kras has been creating confections of superior taste, quality and craftsmanship since our founding in 1911. Also available in individual packages. Store in a cool, dry place.