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Krambals Bruschetta Green Olives and Sea Salt 70g (Krambals)


It is a story passed from generation to the next...from father to son...This is the story of three fundamental truths about bread...

The first: good food is simple food, just like the bread.

The second: good things take time, just as bread does. We wait patiently our dough to rise and this slow fermentation is the reason why we get the irresistibly smelling fluffy bread with a golden crispy crust.

The third: real things need real ingredients. We only use authentic products and we never forget to add special attitude to what we do.

Krambals is a brand for bakery products, that bring along the authentic and real taste...because they are made following the best and long-lasting traditions in the bakery: simplicity, patience, real ingredients.

You can enjoy Krambals bruschetta in 5 irresistible tastes:

- Tomato and mozzarella - A classic, still outstanding combination of sun ripe tomato and mild and soft mozzarella cheese. A combination to fall in love with.

- Cream Cheese - The Cream Cheese will embrace all your senses with its delicate and creamy nature. Soft and elegant.

- Garden Grill - Fabulous grilled vegetables from the garden. An authentic familiar taste, but still intriguing with its smoky notes.

- Pepper and Cheese - A fabulous pair: delicious red pepper and aromatic cheese. Mixed and balanced to give an overwhelming taste experience

- Sea Salt - A master of purity and authenticity. Its simplicity fascinates crunch after crunch, revealing what real taste is all about.