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Tarhana Kisela 500g (Klas)


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Klas Tarhana Kisela - Tarhana, also known as Trrahana, is very small dry pasta with a coarse and uneven pellet-like texture. It is traditionally used in soups of the same name and in breakfast porridges, stews and savory pies. This fortifying comfort food is said to have first roots in ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. Today, tarhana is a popular culinary ingredient in classic Southeastern European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

Tarhana Kisela is a wonderful ingredient for hearty soups and vegetarian and meat-based stews. It is also an ingredient in a traditional seared and baked chicken dish with fresh tomatoes. You will find this special pasta makes a wonderful binder for meatballs and has just the right consistency for stuffed veggies.