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Burek with Cheese & Spinach 1150g Pie / Burek sa spinatom/sirom (Kadino)


Burek (pronounced "bu-rek") or pita is a delicate fillo/phyllo dough pastry filled with cheese, meat, potato, spinach or even apple. The “King of Balkan food”, it has been produced for centuries in various shapes: horseshoe, coils, cylinders or round pies. When you think Balkan food, think burek. It is baked fresh daily in every bakery, the ingredients to make your own can be found in every food store and it’s also available frozen for home-baking.

Burek is always the perfect way to start your day! A “must try” Balkan dish and enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack!

This Kadino spinach and cheese burek is a scrumptious and mouth-watering, handmade Mediterranean delight for the whole family! Made from a 6th century artisanal recipe, this is the thinnest, most delicious, multi-layered filo pastry on the market today. Flash frozen for a delightfully flakey experience, and ready to eat in 45 minutes. Made with no artificial gluten, preservatives or additives. Enjoy with a dollop of tzatziki, labneh or Greek yogurt or top with tomatoes or tangy homemade salsa.

Kadino offers other varieties as well: flat cheese pie, flat cheese and leek pie, twirled cheese pie, twirled spinach and cheese pie and a twirled cheese and leek pie. Keep frozen.

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