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Eurocrem Biscuit Isleri 125g (Takovo)

If you grew up in one of the former Yugoslavian Republics, Eurocrem was likely the Nutella of your youth. If you are new to Eurocrem, it is a creamy swirl of two iconic spreads: a dark cocoa cream and light hazelnut-flavored cream. Takovo Isleri + Eurocrem Cookies Duo Pack includes a duo of chocolate sandwich cookies filled with a luxurious layer of hazelnut or cocoa Eurocrem spread. The top biscuit of each cookie is coated in silky milk chocolate, making these tea biscuits extra luxurious. With just the right balance of sweetness and crunch, Takovo Isleri + Eurocrem Cookies Duo Pack are delicious with coffee, tea or milk and wonderful snacks and after-meal treats. One taste of this iconic cookie duo and you will surely return for more! Store in a cool, dry place.