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Granum PUMPKIN SEED Butter / Bundevin Puter 170g (Granum)

$2.79 $3.99
Ksenija Albunovic, general manager of “Suncokret” (Sunflower), has spent many years exploring both traditional and innovative ways to produce natural and nutritious food products at her family's company (established 1989). Leveraging that knowledge, she launched the company’s Granum (grain in Latin) product line, which in just five years has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle in the region. Ksenija’s efforts were recognized in 2019 with the prestigious  Ernst & Young “Innovative Entrepreneur” award. “Suncokret” produces healthy vegan food products which are 100 percent natural, gluten-free and contain no artificial flavors or additives.

Wait until you try her Granum Pumpkin Seed Butter!