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Danish White Double Cream Cheese 800g (Katun)


Danish White Double Cream Cheese from Katun

If you grew up in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Europe or in one of the Ex-Yugoslavian Republics, Burek (also known as Borek and Bourekas) will evoke wonderful taste memories of home for you! Burek are phyllo-wrapped pastries or family-sized pies, filled with cheese, spinach, leeks, potatoes and/or ground meat. While many brined and aged white cheeses, like Feta, beyaz peynir and Travnicki Sir are frequently used in burek, the cheese of choice for these delectable pastries is Katun Danish White Combi Cheese, which is a delicious brined and aged cheese made with pure cow's milk. The addition of palm oil makes our cheese a classic Danish Combi.

This special cheese has tangy, milky, slightly salty flavor and a softer and more uniform texture than traditional beyaz peynir or Feta. For delectable cheese burek, mix Katun Danish White Combi Cheese with ricotta, cream cheese and fresh herbs. Add spinach or leeks to the creamy mixture for variety! Our Danish White Combi Cheese is also a wonderful ingredient for salads, omelets, casseroles, stuffed peppers and stuffed breads. And it is delicious on bread, toast, or in a sandwich with fig, apricot or cherry jam. Brined white cheeses like Danish Combi are not only delicious but low in fat and a rich source of protein, calcium and gut-healing probiotics. Keep refrigerated.

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