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Sütdiyari White Cow Cheese / Piknik Borek Beyaz Peynir 1kg (Ciftlik)


If you have spent any time in Turkey, Beyaz Peynir, which translates to "white cheese" in English, will need no introduction! Beyaz Peynir is a brined and aged cheese made from cow's milk with a tangy taste that will remind you of Feta. The most popular cheese in Turkey, Beyaz Peynir is a pantry staple in most households, and enjoyed at all meals. This is a softer, more crumbly version of traditional Beyaz Peynir, specifically used as a filling for burek. Burek are classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern savory pastries, or family-sized pies, wrapped in light, flaky yufka (or phyllo) dough. Borek Ciftlik Peyniri cheese is just the ingredient you need to make sumptuous cheese burek, with a mixture of ricotta, cream cheese and fresh herbs. Add spinach or leeks to the cheesy mixture for the makings of an elegant appetizer spread or main course. Because brined white cheese is low in fat and a rich source of probiotics, calcium and protein, you can feel great about incorporating our borek cheese into your diet. Keep refrigerated.

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