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Delamaris Mackerel Pate / Pasteta od Skuse Turisticna 80g (Delamaris)


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We have been sharing the bounty of the sea at Delamaris since 1879. And for more than three decades, Delamaris Turisticna Mackerel Pâté has been one of our most popular offerings. Made with the highest quality boneless and skinless mackerel, our creamy pâté includes a delicious mixture of carrots, tomato paste, sunflower oil herbs and spices. Delamaris Turisticna Mackerel Pâté is a perfect topping for crackers or crostini, garnished with fresh or sundried tomatoes and flat parsley. Our pâté also makes a wonderful base for a sandwich or flatbread or with your favorite toppings. For a delicious pasta sauce: sauté olive oil, garlic and diced onion, until golden. Incorporate the pâté into the mixture and let the ingredients simmer. Add a splash of red wine to the sauce, and when ready, mix the cooked pasta into the saucepan so that it absorbs all of its goodness and serve with freshly minced parsley. Because mackerel is one of the most heart-healthy fish one can consume, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and protein, this is a pâté you can feel great about eating when the mood strikes you! Made with no additives or preservatives. Refrigerate after opening.