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Whole Grain Wheat Flour - BRK / Integralno Pšenično Brašno 2.2lbs (Gazdinstvo Bajic)


The Family Holding "Bajić" is located in Živinice mountain village of municipality Kneževo, Bosnia Herzegovina, surrounded by the stunning Vlasic and Cemernica mountains and Ugar and Cvrcka canyons. The owner of the property, the original creator of the product, is Mićo Bajić, whose family has lived in these areas for centuries. What sets us apart is that the water from a natural mountain spring at an altitude of 900 m comes directly to the farm, there is no air, sound, or other pollution. At a time when many the population is leaving the country and agriculture, we entered into entrepreneurship, primarily because of a great love for the country and tradition in order to preserve our roots. We developed and tested the products by combining the knowledge and experience gained during study abroad and those gained during growing up in the countryside, treading lightly towards success.

Among other activities Family Holding "Bajić" grows Brkulja, one of the oldest indigenous types of wheat, survived only in extensive agricultural areas, such as the mountainous areas of the Kneževo region. The wheat is stone ground to produce Brk whole grain flour. Brk flour is rich in protein, easily digestible and has a very low level of gluten. It's great for making bread, pasta and pastry.