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Borsec Mineral Water / Mineralna 1.5l (Borsec)


Borsec is situated in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania and is one of the most renown curative spas in the peat-rich county of Harghita. The water was known as early as the 1600's and for centuries it was transported to be served in the Royal Court in Vienna. Because of its therapeutic properties and legendary quality, Emperor Franz Josef dubbed Borsec "The Queen of Mineral Waters."

Borsec is a pure and balanced natural mineral water with a medium mineral content and an excellent taste. Awarded with the gold medal and title "Queen of Mineral Waters" at the International Fair in Vienna in 1873. Borsec was also awarded a gold medal at the 2004 Berkeley Springs, WV USA International Water Tasting event for carbonated waters. Pure and natural mineral water right from the source.