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Adore - KETO Spread DARK Chocolate 200g (Adore)

$3.99 $5.59
After graduating from the Belgian Callebaut Chocolate Academy, Mirjana Kostić embarked on a mission to share her passion for high-quality chocolate with her homeland Serbia. Here first shop, Cokolada, in Belgrade received rave reviews with many stating that her chocolate was the best they had ever tasted and her new chocolate variety with pepper and chili was truly unique.

Mirjana Kostić launched the Adore Chocolat brand to share her revolution in chocolate with a larger global community. Adore is made from only the finest quality natural ingredients and expertly handcrafted to perfection. The ingredients in the chocolate are simple and pure: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, maltitol sweetener, soya lecithin. Their chocolate does not contain any milk or sugar and yet is rich in taste without bitterness.
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