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Ajvar MILD Roasted Pepper Spread / Blagi Namaz od Pecenih Paprika 520g (Va-Va)


Ajvar (pronounced "eye-var") is a flavorful, creamy and slightly smoky vegetable spread made from roasted sweet red peppers (sometimes with eggplant and garlic) and spices. Ajvar comes in mild and spicy versions and is considered indispensable for any Balkan feast! This versatile, all natural, healthy “Balkan hummus” goes perfectly with fresh country-style bread, crackers, baked vegetables, grilled meats and hot dogs. It can also be served like a vegetable relish or dip. A perfect relish for vegetarians and vegans.

VA-VA mild ajvar roasted red pepper spread is a delicious premium ajvar made with hand-peeled red peppers that are roasted in an oven and mixed with roasted eggplant, adding a rich texture to the flavor of the ajvar. If you've never had ajvar, it is probably the most delicious thing ever made with red peppers - and this is one of our favorites. 

Ingredients: red pepper, eggplant, salt, sunflower oil