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Alchemy - Organic CBD Products



Alchemy is a boutique wellness company that harnesses the healing powers
of plants.  We believe that our health and wellbeing are shaped by the
products we consume and use on our bodies. That is why our supplements
and topicals are created with medicinal plants and the purest of ingredients
free from harmful preservatives and emulsifiers. 
The Hemp plant is at the heart of Alchemy’s creations.  We try to preserve
its natural magic in our formulations by using full spectrum hemp extract,
rich not only cannabinoids but all the other compounds of the plant. All our
products are hand-crafted in small batches and are fully traceable from
seed to shelf.  They are also tested by third-party certified labs, so you
know the exact potency and the full profile of the product you are buying.  
Before it makes its way into our products, our hemp is nurtured at Muldoon Hemp,
an organic family-owned farm located in the heart of Appalachia in Southwest
Virginia. The Muldoon family has cultivated this land for generations and takes pride
in producing the highest quality all-natural hemp.  Our hemp is grown without
chemicals or pesticides, and it is organically certified. We use the CO2 extraction
method to preserve the maximum potency and ensure the safety of the final