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B Rice


For five centuries, farmers of Kochani, continue to produce the highest quality rice. Try Kochani PREMIUM rice and you will taste the absolute best of this tradition.

Produced by Good Food Co.

The legend of Kochani rice….
According to legend, a great merchant by the name of Kocho brought rice from China to our region more than six centuries ago. The foreign seeds adapted perfectly to our climate, and spread from Kochani, Kocho’s home town, to the entire Balkan region. As a result of the excellent conditions here, since the Kochani valley is part of the so-called continental sub-Mediterranean region characterized by a varied climate and high temperatures, as well as the pure waters of the rivers Bregalnitsa, Kochanska
and Masalnica, this region continues to produce rice of the highest quality. All of these factors coming together in perfect harmony is the key to our long tradition of rice production, of which we’re sure Kocho would be very proud indeed!