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ĆEVAPI (CHE:VA:PI) ĆEVAPI is a 500-year-old grilled minced meat dish traditionally found in Southeastern Europe. It is considered a national delicacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia - a delicious and unforgettable Balkan treasure. ĆEVAPI are simple handmade finger-sized minced meat sausages, made from the highest-quality ingredients. The secret to good ćevapi lies in the texture and quality of the ground meat and spices. Bosnian ćevapi are made from two cuts of hand-formed minced beef, while Serbian ćevapčići are made from beef, lamb, and pork or a combination thereof. The proper ĆEVAPI experience requires onion, flatbread (lepinja), and kajmak to be complete. The world’s most famous ćevapčići are found in the city of Sarajevo.

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