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IVANA LALICKI HOMEMADE Pork Cracklings Biscuits / Pogacice sa CVARCIMA 9-11 pcs (295g)

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IVANA LALICKI Homemade Pork Crackling Biscuits

Feel the crunch, ORDER NOW!!! Made with love. Sold frozen! Each box has 9-11 biscuits (295g) 😃😃😃

Pork Cracklings Biscuits "Pogacice sa Cvarcima" are one of the favorite savory pastries in the Balkans. They are small round yeast-raised biscuits with pork cracklings. They are crunchy, full of flavor and melt in your mouth. The cracklings are made by cooking pork fat trimmings until they become crispy. They are considered more interesting than bacon because of their delicate taste and satisfying crunchiness. The pork cracklings are usually served in small pieces as a snack or side dish. Unfortunately, it's hard to find them here in the U.S, as there are very few producers. But we have them - so take advantage of the opportunity to try them! One of the best ways to enjoy them is to make these biscuits. The technique of folding the dough and brushing with lard creates an unforgettable flaky and crunchy pastry. 

RECIPE: If you would like to make them at home please click here for step-by-step details.

For dozens of great recipes please check out Ivana's bio.