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ROYAL Ajvar HOT / Ljuti 370 g (Nanin Recept)

$4.89 $6.99
Homemade food preparation according to generations-old recipes has always been a part of the Jankovic family’s tradition – especially when filling the pantry for winter in the Fall. Every September in their hometown of Vranje, in Southern Serbia, they would ready their big blue pot and giant spoon to start making their famous roasted sweet pepper chutney that everyone raved about. At the insistence of friends and neighbors, the family started a small local production facility for their ajvar chutney based on their hundred-year-old family recipe.

The production of their ajvar is slow, manual and done in stages to guarantee quality. Their ajvar is free of preservatives, additives and artificial colors and contains only three ingredients – roasted peppers, sunflower oil and sea salt. “Nana’s Southern Recipe” ajvar started in August 2017 and has quickly become a beloved and trusted premium quality brand.

The company is also known for its strong social activism and support of its local community. The company’s hiring policy encourages the recruitment of vulnerable groups and the economic empowerment and social integration of disadvantaged populations.

Enjoy the homemade goodness of Nana's Southern Recipe Royal Hot Ajvar!
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